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Our shapewear helps women to feel confident and
comfortable in their bodies.

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We shape every type of body.

Why Shapewear?

Boost Your Self Confidence

Shapewear helps you feel confident in your tight-fitting clothes.

Reduce Your Waistline

Shapewear can reduce your waistline up to 3 inches.

Anti Bloatness

Shapewear helps against stomach bloatness.

Improve Your Posture

Bad posture? Shapewear can help you improving your posture.

Slimmer Look & Feel

By compressing the bulging areas of your body, shapewear helps you to get a instant slimmer figure.

More Comfort

Wearing shapewear let you feel comfortable.

You are 5 steps away

from your perfect fitting bodybae

1. Choose your product

Choose your favourite product to make your body your bae:

2. Pick your color

Beige or Black? Choose your favourite color and what fits to your clothes you want to wear over your shapewear.

3. Find the perfect fit

Open our size chart on the product detail page and see which size you need.

If you are not sure which size to choose, always choose the bigger size.

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4. Checkout and smile

Add your bodybae shaper to the cart, checkout and be happy when it arrives at your home.

xoxo bodybae

bodybae’s promise

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